The Community Sport and Wellbeing Team delivers and facilitates a variety of programmes, projects, interventions, and events supporting early intervention, prevention and inclusion for children, families, schools, communities, sports clubs, and local groups across Newport through Community Sport, Health & Wellbeing, and Positive Futures teams.


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Our Projects, Programmes and Initiatives

The Community Sport and Wellbeing Team delivers and facilitates high quality sporting opportunities for children, families, schools, communities, sports clubs, and local groups across Newport.

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Newport Live Training Academy

Volunteers are a key and integral part of sport and physical activity and for Newport Live as an organisation, especially for the Community Sport & Wellbeing Team who work in schools and communities identifying and supporting children, young people and adults who have an interest in becoming a leader, volunteer, or sports coach in the future.

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Community Club Support

Our Community Sport & Physical Activity team is here to help support clubs, groups and organisations across Newport to thrive. We can advise on funding and grant information as well as governance, marketing and developing a workforce.

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Fund, Sponsor, or Donate to a Project

Our projects wouldn’t be possible without the partners and funders we work with, who through their support, make a huge difference to the lives of people in Newport. Our programmes and initiatives not only benefit participants, but the community as a whole, as they help reduce anti-social behaviour and have a positive impact on health services through improving people’s wellbeing.

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Take part in an Activity, Programme or Event

The Community Sport & Wellbeing Team along with their partners, create and deliver informative, local, accessible, and affordable activities to engage children and young people.

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Newport Community Hub

Explore a range of sports and wellbeing resources that will inspire a happier and healthier lifestyle. These resources provided by local partners and organisations will help to support your mental and physical wellbeing. 

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