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Drama Club with Reality Theatre

Social and drama club for people with additional learning needs. Drama for theatre or film, music, singing, dancing, monologue/poetry. Parents, carers and family welcome!

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Monday

Age & Time:

16 – 24 years, 5pm-6.30pm

25 years +,  6.30pm-8pm

Price: Free

How to Book: Email 

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Tots Dance

This workshop is a fun-filled adventure brought to you by Lucy at Hubble which will explore different themed topics through music, movement and sensory play. Different props are used keeping with the theme to enhance the experience.

This is a fun and upbeat mixed age/ability pre school workshop suitable for babies from around 6 weeks to children aged 5. Small children may need some help from grown ups to take part in certain activities.

Children will benefit form speech development, motor skills, musicality, confidence, expression and much more!

It’s a lovely welcoming group for both adults and children to make some new friends. We often meet afterwards for a cuppa.

If you need any further information about this workshop, please contact Lucy from Hubble: 07738901938.

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Tuesday during term time

Time: 10am

Age: 6 weeks - 5 years

Price: £5

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Nomah Dance

Nomah’s weekly dance classes take place every Tuesday for young people aged 7 - 11 years old. 

Classes are taught by Liam Wallace & Jodie Nicholson; and are open to those with or without previous dance experience. 

About the class 

Our classes aim to develop self-confidence and performance skills, while teaching them contemporary dance technique, basic acrobatics, floorwork & choreography. 

“We aim to create a space that is open to people from all backgrounds with fun and play at the centre of our ethos”  

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Tuesday during term time

Time: 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Age: 7 – 11 years

Price: £6

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HATCH Youth Theatre

Hatch is a weekly youth theatre group run by Tin Shed Theatre Co, in partnership with The Riverfront. During the sessions the children and young people will have the opportunity to investigate and explore skills in all elements of creation.

The sessions are focused on collaborative creation and aim to offer each participant the opportunity to curate their own experience. With visiting professional practitioners in a number of creative skill sets, Tin Shed aims to offer a fully rounded youth theatre that seeks to be led and curated by those taking part.

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Wednesday during term time

Price: £6

Book Now: 6-10 yrs, 5pm - 6.30pm

Book Now: 11 - 16yrs, 7 - 8.30pm

Grey haired lady in apron working at a potters wheel

Potter On Ceramics Club for Adults

"Potter-on" pottery club ....a fun and relaxed evening put to play with some clay! Just come along to see how to make something for home or garden using simple techniques.

There is no structured learning but our tutor and participants share ideas and give tips and guidance on making, drying, kiln firing and glazing.

All materials are provided.

Location: Workshop 1 & 2

Day: Wednesday

Time: 5.30pm – 7:30pm

Age: 14+

Price: £70 for a term

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Take A Breath: Community Choir Session 1

During this session we aim to have fun singing in a welcoming and non-judgemental group setting, whilst challenging ourselves a little with new songs using harmonies.

You will be surprised at how well this can happen even for those with little singing experience or who may have a fear of singing due to perhaps being told – the damaging and incorrect statement that they ‘Couldn’t sing’ by an old school teacher or friend / family member.

If we have a voice -then we can sing. All people deserve the right to express ourselves using our voices and not feel like we have to lock them away

Regular singing in a relaxed manner is a great way to unlock our voices and we will all develop together as a group with our joint focus and encouragement.

We will warm up our voices, open out our lungs and relax our bodies with gentle exercises at the start of the sessions.

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Wednesday

Time: 1pm – 1.50pm

Age: 18+

Price: Free

How to Book: Just turn Up

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Take A Breath: Community Choir Session 2

We will sing classic songs and simple chants during this session.

The aim is to sing Sing SING!

We will warm up our voices, open our lungs and relax our bodies with gentle exercises at the start of the sessions

All are welcome – the general public - including those who are perhaps from a care setting who can be supported fully by their carers before, during and after the session

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Wednesday

Time: 2.05pm – 3pm

Age: 18+

Price: Free

How to Book: Just turn up

mice ladies crafts

Mice Ladies

Every Thursday we have a group of wonderful ladies come to The Riverfront who sit together, have a chat and play around with arts and crafts. Over the years this group have been a huge support to The Riverfront team, creating props for shows, decorations for the building and more.

The sessions  aren’t tutor led, they are purely a space for people to enjoy each other’s company and share their crafting ideas.

Feel free to bring any craft materials and books.

Location: Workshop 2

Day: Thursday

Time: 10am-12pm

Age: 21+

Price: Free

How to Book: Just turn up

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Inside Out Cymru: Creative Wellbeing Hub

Join experienced prop-maker Lisa Floyd for a morning of crafty, chatty fun!

Every Thursday between 10am and 11:30am, Lisa and the group engage in arts and crafts. Lisa demonstrates skills like decoupage, mask-making or wire sculpture. Meanwhile, you and the group catch up about every day life and share their art projects and ideas.

  • Join in to meet like-minded and supportive others!
  • Lisa supplies general materials.
  • Bring along any specific ideas or materials you're interested in!

Location: Workshop 1

Day: Thursday

Time: 10am-11:30am

Age: 18+

Price: Free

How to Book: Email to know more and book your place.​​​​

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Sing in Welsh

Join us to sing in Welsh for fun. It doesn't matter if you are not yet a Welsh speaker - just turn up! 

Location: Dance Studio

Time: Thursdays 7-9pm

Age: All ages welcome

Price: Free

How to Book: Just turn up and come and go as you please.

Dates: 27th June - 25th July


Over 60s Dance

This is a fun and friendly session where you learn choreography to music. We focus on improving coordination, body awareness, mobility and stamina in a supportive environment. Pick the music, pick the style, everyone is welcome to join and get dancing!

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Friday during term time

Time: 1:30pm – 3pm

Age: 60+

Price: £5

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Two people doing martial arts


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art combining music, movement and acrobatics. It has roots in warriors’ dances brought to Brazil by African slaves and has been shaped in to the form it is known by today by the ethnic melting pot that is Brazil.

It aims to improve flexibility, control of the body in space, develop coordination, awareness of the surrounding, body strength and enhance the self-confidence.

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Friday

Price: £5

Book Now: 6 -10 years, 5.00pm - 6.00pm

Book Now: 11+ years, 6.15pm – 7.15pm

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Crafty Saturdays

Join us on Saturdays for some free family arts and crafts activities in our foyer!

Location: The Foyer

Time: 11am - 4pm

Age: All ages welcome

Price: Free

How to Book: Just turn up and come and go as you please.


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Groundspace is free studio space for freelancers at The Riverfront.

Groundspace is an initiative set up by Groundwork (formally known as Groundwork Pro) that aims to help break down the financial barrier freelancers can face when accessing studio spaces.

Opening up these spaces is vitally important to supporting freelancers in their creative practice, allowing seeds of ideas to flourish and for dancers to stay connected to their bodies.

What can you use the space for?  This space may offer an opportunity to:

·       Develop your personal practice

·       Exchange skills and ideas with fellow artists

·       Begin or engage in a creative process

·       Have extra space to do that pre-recorded / online dance class

Location: Dance Studio

Day: Monday

Time: 12 – 5.30pm

Age: 16+

Price: n/a

How to Book: Email or complete this booking form: Groundspace Booking Request Form (​​​​​

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