Groundspace is free studio space for freelancers, so you can move, groove & create to your heart's content


Groundspace is an initiative set up by Groundwork (formally known as Groundwork Pro) that aims to help break down the financial barrier freelancers can face when accessing studio spaces.

Opening up these spaces is vitally important to supporting freelancers in their creative practice, allowing seeds of ideas to flourish and for dancers to stay connected to their bodies.

What can you use the space for? This space may offer an opportunity to: 

  • Develop your personal practice

  • Exchange skills and ideas with fellow artists

  • Begin or engage in a creative process

  • Have extra space to do that pre-recorded / online dance class 

…. Or just simple enjoy moving and getting into your body

Starting five years ago with the dance studio space at Chapter Arts, Cardiff every Friday morning, we are now pleased to say that we occupy spaces in four venues across South Wales - The Riverfront being one of them! 

The Riverfront has opened up their dance studio space every Monday, 12:30pm - 5:00pm for the rest of 2022! 

If you would like to book or have any enquiries please contact us through our email:

We also have this handy booking form:

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