Accreditation Stages Pathway

Make your way from Beginner to Stage 4 or go as far as you want, we have drop-in sessions for all stages.


Stage 1 (Beginners)

A great introduction to track cycling for beginners, no previous experience required. Riders will be given full instruction on how to control the fixed wheel bike and how to ride on the steeply banked wooden track.


Stage 2

Focuses on improving skills and confidence including the introduction of group riding and changing in a line.


Stage 3

This stage refines group riding and introduces a range of drills to stretch a rider in both skills and fitness.


Stage 4 (Race Accreditation)

Riders wishing to attend Newport Live track league will be required to attend a race accreditation session where race-specific skills will be assessed. This session will include race simulations and feedback from the coach.

Accreditation Stages

Weekly sessions for riders who are looking to get accrediated.

Accreditation Stage 1 (Beginners)

Monday: 7 - 8pm 
Cost: £25

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Accreditation Stage 2

Monday: 8 - 10pm
Cost: £25

A bi-weekly session shared wth Stage 3.

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Accreditation Stage 3

Monday: 8 - 10pm 
Cost: £25

A bi-weekly session shared with Stage 2.

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Please note, riders wishing to take an accreditation test must have been approved by their coach from the previous stage or from attending drop-in sessions. It is not possible to book onto the accreditation unless this has taken place.

Riders with questions relating to the accreditation process or with outdoor Velodrome experience looking to ride indoors should contact us on 01633 656757 and ask to speak with the Track Development Officer.


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Drop-in Sessions for Adult Riders

These sessions are suitable for riders aged 14 and over. Sessions are bookable 7 days in advance.

If you have a Newport Live online account, book sessions online using the links below.

Alternatively you can give us a call on 01633 656757 or send an email to

Stage 1+

Regular Riders

An ideal session for those who have enjoyed a Stage 1 session and are looking to bed in skills and improve fitness before moving on to Stage 2.

Tuesday: 8:30 - 10pm 
Cost: £11

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Stage 3+

Lunchtime Drop-in (SQT)

Session content varies depending on the season and is tailored around the requirements of the riders attending each week. Sessions are endurance focussed with longer drills but sprinters are welcome.

Tuesday: 12 - 2pm 
Thursday: 12 - 2pm 
Cost: £11

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Early Bird Drop-In

Whether you're after a good workout or are just looking for a steady ride around the track. Suitable for riders looking to improve their fitness and skills in readiness for accreditation.

Wednesday: 7 - 9am 
Cost: £11

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Vets Club

Vets Club track session for riders who have passed Stage 3+.

Bi-weekly sessions during September – March.

Friday: 6 - 8pm 
Cost: £11

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Derny Paced Session

Sessions will offer riders the chance to learn the craft of derny pacing and to enable stronger riders to improve speed. Your own bike and tubs will be required.

Running on Sundays from October - December. Please check the What's On page for details. 
Cost: £20

Book using the link below, call on 01633 656757 or send an email to

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Stage 4+

Track League

Track League at the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales includes an A, B, C Youth and Masters leagues.

Running every other Tuesday from October - February. Please check the What's On page for details. 

Cost: £15 per session or £120 for a block of ten sessions. 

Book using the link below, call us on 01633 656757 or send an email to

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Youth Track Cycling

We have a range of sessions for 10 - 16 year olds to help them develop their skills and get on track.

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