Riding the Track

Can I go on the track if I am not a professional cyclist?

Yes, as long as you can ride a bike, we have opportunities for you to get on track at the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales. Visit our Beginners Cycling page to see what sessions we have available.

Do I have to be accredited to ride the track?

Yes, unless you are attending a beginner’s course or a taster, you will need the appropriate stage accreditation from the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales in order to attend one of our sessions. If you ride the track regularly with another organisation or attend another velodrome, please call 01633 656757 to speak to our Track Development team who will be able to advise.

Do all sessions require a coach to be present?

Yes, Newport Live has a great team of coaches, although you can use your own coach if all qualifications are up to date.

Can my accreditation at the velodrome be transfered so I can ride other velodrome's in the UK?

If you have an accreditation with us but would like this to be included on the UK wide register please provide us with an up to date address, your DOB, contact phone, BC licence number and we can send them over to Manchester to be included on the UK wide register held there.

Please send details across to enquiries@newportlive.co.uk who will pass it across to the cycling development team. 

Bikes & Bike Hire

Do I have to have my own bike?

No, bikes are available to hire from the velodrome. Bike hire is included in most of our beginner’s sessions. 

What gear is on the hire bikes?

84.4 inches (50 tooth front chaining x 16 tooth rear sprocket)

What cleats can be used on the hire bikes?

Look Keo are the only cleats that will fit our pedals.

Can I put my own pedals on the hire bikes?

No, we have a strict policy that no component can be changed or replaced on the hire bikes. Riders can only adjust the saddle height with the quick release lever. 

Can any tyre be used on the track?

No, dual compound tyres and Michelin branded tyres are not allowed on the track.  

Other Clothing & Equipment

Can I wear my own helmet?

Yes, if it has a CE mark and is appropriate for the session. Aero helmets should not be used in group sessions.

Can I film my session on a Go-Pro?

No, filming via camera attached to your bike or body is not allowed. A camera can be used by a spectator in a safe area of the correct form has been completed at reception.

Can I attach my Garmin to the hire bike?

No devices can be added to a hire bike. Garmin type devices can be mounted on a personal track bike but must not project in front of the handlebar top. An under-saddle mount is preferable.

Do I have to wear gloves?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear gloves/mitts at all times when riding the track.

What should I wear to ride the track?

Please wear cycle shorts or leggings, and ensure shoulders are covered. Sports clothing is ideal, as anything baggy will slow you down.

About the Track

How steep is the track?

At the steepest point, the track is 42 degrees.

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