Youth and Adult Swimming Programme

Newport Live offers a Youth and Adult Swimming programme (formally Masters) that can help you achieve your swimming goals!

Whether you are seeking improvements in your swimming technique and skills or looking to undertake training sessions with the support of a designated coach to improve your fitness level, these sessions are for you!

Newport Live Youth and Adult Swimming Programme caters to those aiming to:

  • Learn lane swimming and correct lane etiquette.
  • Building a more efficient and effective stroke technique, allowing you to save energy and swim faster in the water.
  • Improving your fitness levels by using breath control in the water as well as swimming to give your body a full workout.
  • Training to swim at Masters competitions or looking to partake in a triathlon, swim meets, open water events, or a charity challenge and require a flexible training program.

The Youth and Adult Swimming programme also acts as gateway to Competitive Masters Swimming by joining up with the City of Newport Swimming and Water Polo Club.

Suitable for ages 13+.

Members can book youth and adult swim sessions 7 days in advance and Pay & Player Users 4 days in advance.

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