Newport Live is excited to announce the launch of its revamped mobile app, which has undergone a remarkable transformation, showcasing a modern and fresh design aimed at streamlining the customer journey and booking process for a wide range of sports, wellness, and theatre/art activities.

A notable addition to the app is the introduction of sub-navigation pages, providing users with a more seamless navigation experience. This enhancement makes it easier than ever for users to locate the information and features they need, whether they're exploring fitness classes, checking schedules, or accessing exclusive content. The new layout ensures effortless exploration for users.

Recognising the importance of flexibility and convenience in the fitness journey, the app now includes a convenient Club Switcher Button. This feature simplifies the process of switching between clubs, allowing users to seamlessly book activities across Newport Live sites, including Newport International Sports Village (NISV), Active Living Centre, Station, The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre, as well as our new Momentwm sessions in parks and the community.

"As a leisure trust committed to inspiring people to be happier and healthier, we're excited to reveal the enhanced Newport Live app," stated Steve Ward, CEO at Newport Live. "These updates showcase our dedication to providing an optimal user experience, with a fresh design, improved navigation, and convenient features that will seamlessly integrate the app into our users' fitness and wellness journeys."

Highlighting the app's expansion into cultural engagement, Steve Ward added, "We're especially proud to fully integrate theatre and arts activities into the Newport Live app. Users can now easily explore upcoming productions, events and workshops through the app's user-friendly sub-navigation pages, offering a holistic leisure experience that aligns with our community's diverse interests."

The new Newport Live app isn't just your usual update; it's a complete transformation designed to set new standards in user experience and booking convenience for our customers/members. Welcome to a whole new era with Newport Live, where seamless exploration and hassle-free booking take centre stage!

The app is free to download and is available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Newport Live has worked with Innovatise, the company behind myFitApp to develop the new Newport Live app.