School Sports Programme

The Community and Sport & Physical Activity teams aim, is to ensure lifelong participation in sport and physical activity. This is achieved by creating and promoting opportunities for children to access regular and accessible sports and physical activity opportunities. Working closely with schools, teachers, and partners to embed bespoke programmes in schools to inspire all children to be active through sport and movement. Promoting our main funders, Sport Wales, vision that everyone can have a lifetime enjoyment through Sport.

For more information on any of the programmes below please contact the Community Sport & Physical Activity Development Manager, Chloe Powton, /

Primary School:

The team provides bespoke support to schools looking to offer innovative ways of enhancing the Health & Wellbeing AOLE within the new HWB curriculum. Through the support of a network of staff, we offer a variety of ways for teachers to develop or improve their knowledge and confidence when delivering physical activity and sport. The programmes increase the school’s ability to provide regular access to provisions aimed at supporting the social, emotional, and physical well-being needs of the wider student population. Our ambition is to ensure all pupils are physically literate and proficient movers by the time they are 7 years of age. To give everyone a great start, our programmes ensure every young person has the skills, confidence and motivation to enable them to enjoy and progress through sport; giving them foundations to lead an active, healthy and enriched life

Community Sport & Physical Activity Development Team - Primary Schools

Secondary School:

The Community Sport and Physical Activity team supports schools in providing a range of programmes that use sport and physical activity as a way of creating a fun and interactive environment. We use pupil voice to create a bespoke programme offer to look at engagement, developing relationships and addressing the well-being needs of pupils. The work provides support across a multitude of levels helping to support pupils directly.

The team have been instrumental in working with schools to develop interventions that aim to address and tackle a variety of social and emotional needs of pupils including sedentary behaviour and emotional relationship to physical activity and sport. This approach puts the pupil at the centre of the programming whereby working with them as individuals and developing a personal tool kit they can use to apply to a variety of personal and social situations. This is achieved through a variety of workshops, Q and As, and group support.

Community Sport & Physical Activity Development Team- Secondary Schools

School Sport Survey:

After being delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the school sports survey is back! This year 7,801 pupils in Newport told us about their experience of sport this year. The survey provided us with some insightful data on sport, physical activity and physical education during curricular and extracurricular time. Headline Data for Newport can be found below:




Citbag is a hub created by Sport Wales to help give young people the skills, confidence, and sporting experiences for a lifelong enjoyment of sport. Hundreds of resources developed by education and sporting specialists, and supported by the Welsh government. The resources are FREE to access but you will need to create an account first.

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Newport Community Hub

The Newport Community Hub is home to a range of local organisations and partners that make up the Arts Hub and Sports & Wellbeing Hub. 

The categories listed will help you discover a range of arts, culture and creative resources that will help you to stay connected with the arts and creativity, and a range of sports and wellbeing resources to help inspire a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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