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Each year in November Art on The Hill, a weekend long festival, celebrates Newport’s creative community and their work. Over the weekend The Riverfront is transformed into a social hub full of free craft activities and exciting stalls for all ages.

This year, due to our temporary closure we are unable to support Art on the Hill in the normal way, instead we are using our window spaces to share the fantasic works of local creatives directly on the banks of the river Usk.

The below artists are currently displayed at The Riverfront, beginning next to the Studio Theatre and rolling clockwise around the building-


  • TEMMAH & Sons
    We have reached a point of emergency the climate is changing rapidly. I wondered if there was a way to carry gardens with us as we walk – it’s up to us now to find new ways to live a symbiotic life with our environment.
    Breath is a performative action and peaceful protest. For #AOTH2020, I had planned to walk the streets of Newport for the first time, but with current local lockdown I can not do this. Instead, I present images of this action that took place in a Borrah not so far away…

  • Becky Lewis
    I am a painter and in recent years have been exploring embroidery and the relationship between paint and stitch. I enjoy allowing the paint or ink to move freely along the surface of the canvas and to use this as a map to follow with a needle and thread.
    Lockdown has been difficult for me on a creative level. My inspiration comes from going out, visiting different places, and seeing friends and colleagues; bouncing ideas off one another. Lacking a subject matter, I have found it soothing to simply stitch, without a set goal in mind. To switch off and allow my mind to wander with a needle and thread; often going beyond the boundary of the embroidery hoop.

  • Heidi Baines
    ‘Newport’s Lockdown Junk Shop’ is a documentation of walks that I have taken during lockdown. The objects in the collection were all found on different daily walks. These objects have no direct connection to each other, other than they were discovered at this time. Some objects are instantly recognisable whilst others aren’t but interestingly each object has an unknown story!

  • Laura Wiseman
    Laura Wiseman is a landscape photographer based in Port Talbot, South Wales. She writes:
    “Photography…I just love it! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the final result after hours location scouting, composing and taking the shot, and many more hours tweaking that image to perfection.” Living in South Wales, she takes full advantage of the beautiful welsh countryside, which includes photographing the numerous waterfalls, rugged peaks and coastal beaches nearby. She loves to travel, and is always on the look out for her next big adventure. 

  • Bryony Fenton
    Bryony Fenton is a local Fine artist currently based in Cardiff. She studied Creative and Therapeutic Arts at the University of South Wales, Newport. Her more recent commissions have included wedding portraiture, portraits of loved ones and a whole collection of landscapes from around the world.

  • Vin Dyke Art
    My art incorporates a fusion of colour, harmony and spontaneity. It is very much an impulsive response which explores the contrast of light and dark, expressing inner feelings of hope and optimism.
    My landscape paintings seek to emulate a scene, whilst incorporating both real and imaginary qualities. When I paint I usually mix the colours straight onto the canvas or paper, using a brush and a palette knife together for the desired effect. I endeavor to achieve a balance between precision and abstract.

  • Justin Brown
    I've lived in Newport for over half a century, and I specialise in paintings of the toiwn, usually from life.

  • Addicted to Pattern

  • Alix Edwards
    @alixedwardsartography is a writer and visual artist who uses fiction, spoken word, painting and photography to tell stories about motherhood, loss, resilience and hope. Her work gives a voice to primarily to women and children who society has failed or not listened to. It also adds life, energy and emotion to statistics. For #AOTH2020, Alix will be sharing 2 bodies of work – Saints Sinners & Stories and Praying for Karl.

Art on the Hill 2020

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