Newport Tennis Centre is committed to prioritising the wellbeing of children and adults who may be or are at risk, by promoting safeguarding in our club [centre] and as part of our tennis programmes and when delivering/hosting events. 

All activities, events and trips arranged by the club [Newport Tennis Centre] run in accordance with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Safeguarding at Events and Competitions guidance. 

The policy strives to minimise risk, deliver a positive tennis experience for everybody, and ensure that Newport Tennis Centre respond appropriately to all safeguarding concerns/disclosures. 


Where there is a safeguarding concern/disclosure:

  • The individual who is told about, hears, or is made aware of a concern/disclosure to a child or adult safety is responsible for following the Reporting a Safeguarding Concern Procedure. Unless a child or adult is in immediate danger, they should inform their Club Welfare Officer, the LTA Safeguarding Team, or the  National Safeguarding Lead.
  • The Club Welfare Officer and Safeguarding Leads are responsible for reporting safeguarding concerns to the LTA Safe Safeguarding Team.
  • The LTA Safeguarding Team is responsible for assessing all safeguarding concern/disclosures reported and working with the Club Welfare Officer and National Safeguarding Leads to follow up as appropriate on a case-by-case basis, prioritising the well-being of the child/ adult at risk.
  • Dependent on the concern/disclosure, a referral may be made to:
    • The police in an emergency 
    • Local Authority Children’s Services
    • Local Authority Adult Services


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