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Reflekt: programme of innovative theatre

Reflekt consists of developmental work, contemporary dance, impactful dramas, performances with topical themes, comedy and so much more; all of which aim to encourage the audience to ”reflekt”.

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Studio Theatre Programming Guidance

If you have a piece of work that you think could work as part of our programme, please get in touch at This email address is managed by our Programmer Leah Roberts and Creative Producer Olivia Harris.

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Studio Theatre Technical Overview

We have two multi-use theatre spaces at The Riverfront. The Studio Theatre is our smaller, more intimate theatre space. The Studio is an excellent multi use theatre space which can hold 128 audience members in raked theatre style or 100 in cabaret style on the flat floor. There is also the option of thrust or in the round seating. This set-up will reduce capacity so will need to be discussed with the team before suitable capacities for the performance can be agreed upon.

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Our team is always looking for companies to collaborate and co-produce with. Generally speaking, we embark on one co-production at studio scale per season and plan these a minimum of 12 months in advance (The Riverfront’s programming is separated into two seasons, Spring – Summer season and Autumn – Winter season.