We aim to encourage more journeys around the city by bike. We offer free sessions with qualified instructors to improve your bike skills, whatever your current skill level.


Adult Bike Skills sessions for people of all abilities, from those who’ve never ridden a bike before to those who want to brush up their skills. We ask everyone to attend a “Cycling Basics” (Level 1) session first so that we can assess your current skill level. Sessions are open to people 18 years old or over and are free of charge.

Cycling Basics (Level 1)

Drop-in sessions for people who have never ridden a bike or have not ridden for a long time. These sessions are run in traffic-free environments, allowing you to build your skills and confidence.

Bike Paths (Level 2)

These structured sessions take you onto shared-use paths, where you’ll start to use quiet routes away from road traffic & learn new skills on quiet residential streets

On the Road (Level 3)

Our final block of sessions will show you how to ride safely on roads, giving you the confidence to ride all across Newport.


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All equipment including bikes and helmets are provided. You are welcome to bring your bike provided it's in good condition and suitable for group learning and riding. 

Cycling-specific clothes are not required for the sessions - please avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes, especially pants, to prevent them from getting tangled in the bike. You can wear any type of footwear that you feel comfortable with, as long as they cover the whole foot aka no sandals or open-toe shoes. 

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