Newport Live is now offering Biocircuit


This complete training program fits your body and schedule perfectly. The customizable workout takes just 30 minute and requires no adjustments or waiting time. 

The program and equipment adapt to your specific needs when you login to give you a personalised workout in a safe, guided and effective way to help you achieve your individual goals. 

About Biocircuit Training


  1. Log in, sync your station, and select a program. 

  2. You will be shown the Biocircuit Plan and directed to their first station or placed on the waiting list. Each participant can start from any available station. 

  3. On arrival at each station, you simply start exercising without the need to log in. The machines will be pre-set with a 3.15-minute workout on Run and Bike, and you can change speed, incline or power. 

  4. After each exercise, you are redirected to the next station with 30 seconds rest time to transition.  

  5. At the end of two laps, the circuit ends. You can then check your results on the Unity Self kiosk or the Newport Live Healthy and Active app 

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