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Riding a bike is one of the many life skills that children should be taught from a very young age, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of cycling for their health and social life throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Take the journey from balance to pedal bike with us, gaining more skills and confidence with each session!

Session can be book online, via the Newport Live app or call 01633 656757.

We have teamed up with lightweight kid’s bike manufacture, Frog Bikes and have a complete range of new Frog bikes from Tadpole balance bikes through to full-size pedal bikes that children can use. Children are welcome to use our bikes and helmets, or you can bring your own.

Mother and Newport Live employee helping a little girl scoot her bike over a ramp

Balance Bikes

This session is for young children aged 2-5, who will have fun scooting around in a safe environment! 

Balance bikes are fantastic for developing children’s balance and basic skills to help them learn to ride alone quicker than using traditional stabilisers. Over a few sessions, riders will be able to ‘scoot’ along quickly and - with practice - lift their legs off the ground.

Children will need to be supported by 1 parent or carer only.

Children must bring their own helmet to this session.

Sunday, 9am & 10am. Sessions cost £4.00 and are limited to 15 riders.

young boy riding on bicycle

Learn to Ride

For children aged 4-5 years, After they gain confidence balancing and holding a straight line, we move them onto pedals. The child will try the pedal bike for themselves with parents supporting. Once riding, the coach will teach them how to start all by themselves. The assistant coach will be on hand to ensure riders follow all they have been taught so far.

The process of moving from balance to pedals takes about 5 minutes per rider with one to one coaching, and the coach will be able to gauge when a child is ready and when to keep practicing on the balance bike. Riders must be confident on a balance bike to take part in these sessions.

Children will need to be supported by 1 parent / carer only. Children must bring their own helmet to this session.

Sunday, 11am. Sessions cost £6.00 and are limited to 10 riders.

Three young boys on bikes

First Pedals

For children aged 4-7 years who have learned to ride and now need to practice some basic skills to move on to our Cycle Fun/Skills sessions.

This session focuses on riding skills that can be used day to day and covers riding a narrow track, moving around cones and how to walk, stand and check your bike. Riders will learn how to look around their surroundings when riding and how to use their brakes correctly without losing control.

Children must bring their own helmet to this session.

Sunday, 12pm. Sessions cost £6.00 and are limited to 10 riders.

Blurred effect picture of two children cycling one behind the other

Cycle Fun/Skills

This session is aimed at more confident riders aged 4 years+ (recommended maximum age is 8/9 years).

Riders will enjoy more advanced coaching on bike control. This will include how to ride around corners, brake at different speeds, how to start and stop to the National Cycling Proficiency standard and have fun riding around a specific obstacle course focusing on a different skill set each week.

Riders will also take part in our Frog and Newport Live cycle skill challenges and can gain stickers and certificates, rewarding their cycling achievements.

Young boy riding green bike

Learn to Ride - 6 years+

This session provides older children who may not have had the chance to ride a bike with the opportunity to learn to ride with other children their own age. Our British Cycling qualified coach will help riders gain the confidence and skills need to ride unassisted.

Children must bring their own helmet to this session.

Sunday, 1pm. Sessions cost £6.80 and are limited to 4 riders.

Other sessions

Mountain Bike Track Skills

Come and try our Mountain Bike Skills Track at Newport International Sports Village. Riders must be confident and be able to stand whilst pedalling and coasting their bike. Bring your own bike, and don't forget your helmet - it's essential!

You can find the track at the entrance to Newport International Sports Village, in between Newport Stadium and the Regional Pool and Tennis Centre.

Sunday, 12pm. Sessions cost £6.80 and are limited to 8 riders.

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Velodrome Track Cycling: Youth Beginners

Track Cycling course for young people aged 10-14. Learn the skills required to ride the track at the Geraint Thomas Velodrome with one of our British Cycling qualified coaches.

Not currently available

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