CULTIVATE is The Riverfront's scratch performance night, offering audiences the chance to meet artists and see short, work-in-progress performances of brand-new pieces, fostering valuable feedback and conversations.  

These events provide an exciting, fun, experimental and low-key platform for performance makers to share new ideas with a live audience. Audiences are invited to feedback on all they see, helping the artist with their development. 

We’re delighted to announce our four performers for Summer 2024 CULTIVATE scratch night: Dorka Zaqtonyi, Liam Wallace, Stammermouth, and Tom Wood.  
Look At Me Twice - Dorka Zatonyi 
Look At Me Twice is about diversity, that is sometimes invisible from the surface. It reflects on cultural identity as an ever-changing notion, that is largely shaped by languages we speak. Through the lenses of dance and spoken word, it challenges the line drawn between body language and spoken languages.  
4 Walls, A Roof and A Table - Liam Wallace 
A exploration and discussion around the topic of what Home means, with a mixture of storytelling, music, discussion and play in hopes to further understand what home means to us, tackling Welshness, being black British, the importance of food and people this exploration should be interesting and thought-provoking experience. 

DYING, PROBABLY - Stammermouth 
Nerida Bradley, Duncan Hallis, and Nye Russell-Thompson want to examine what it means to be sick, what it’s like to not trust your own body and why we’re all so scared of being dead. This is a fun show about hypochondria, mental health and being ghosted by the NHS. We want to put health anxiety under the microscope and look at all the nasty brain germs.  

Suicide: The Ones Left Behind - Tom Wood 
Tom Wood, a 23-year-old artist based in Cardiff, creates work in a multimedia performance discipline. Confronting pressing societal issues. In his latest project Tom delves into the process of grieving after losing someone to suicide. Through his art he aims to shed light on the complexity of loss offering a space for reflection and dialogue.  
CULTIVATE’s scratch performance will take place on Thursday 6 June at 7pm. Join us for an evening of creativity, experimentation, performance and artist development. Be part of the audience and book your tickets for £3 here: CULTIVATE Summer 2024 (