Fun packed lessons for all ages and abilities, to inspire your child to learn a life-long skills.

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Mini Tennis has smaller courts, nets, rackets and lower bouncing balls and is the perfect introduction to tennis!

Our group sessions are perfect for developing hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills, energy levels and social skills and are coached by a professionally trained and friendly coach.

Which is the right class for my child?

The Mini Tennis programme is broken down into three age ranges;  Mini Red (ages 5-8), Mini Orange (ages 8-9) and Mini Green (ages 10-11)

Each class follows a set curriculum, there are skills outlined for each child to achieve in order to move up each level. There are four levels in each age range; Novice - Level 1, Beginner- Level 2, Intermediate - Level 3 and Advanced - Level 4. As your child completes each level they are awarded a certificate.

Talk to our Tennis Team to find the right class for your child and their abilities if you are unsure and we would be happy to help.  

Mini Red Timetable

Day / Dydd Session / Sesiwn  Time / Amser
Mon  Mini Red Bronze 16:30-17:30
Mon  Mini Red Silver 16:30-17:30
Mon  Mini Red Academy 16:30-17:30
Tuesday / Dydd Mawrth    Mini Red Bronze


Tuesday / Dydd Mawrth Mini Red Silver 16:30-17:30
Wed   Mini Red Futures 16:00-17:00
Wed Mini Red Bronze 16:30-17:30
Wed Mini Red Silver 16:30-17:30
Wednesday / Dydd Mercher Mini Red Gold 17:30-18:00
Thu  Mini Red Silver


Thu  Mini Red Gold 17.00-18.00
Friday / Dydd Gwener Mini Red Silver


Saturday / Dydd Sadwrn Mini Red Bronze 09:00-10:00
Saturday / Dydd Sadwrn Mini Red Silver 10:00-11:00
Saturday / Dydd Sadwrn Mini Red Silver 11:00-12:00
Saturday / Dydd Sadwrn Mini Red Gold 11:00-12:00


Mini Orange Timetable

Day / Dydd Session / Sesiwn Time / Amser
Mon  Mini Orange Bronze 17:30-18:30
Mon  Mini Orange Academy 17:30-18:30
Tuesday / Dydd Mawrth Mini Orange Bronze 17:30-18:30
Wed   Mini Orange Bronze 17:30-18:30
Thu  Mini Orange Silver


Friday / Dydd Gwener Mini Orange Bronze



Mini Green Timetable

Day / Dydd Session / Sesiwn  Time / Amser
Mon  Mini Green Bronze 17:30-18:30
Mon  Mini Green Academy 18:30-19:30
Tuesday / Dydd Mawrth    Mini Green Silver


Tuesday / Dydd Mawrth Mini Green Bronze 18:30-19:30
Wed   Mini Green Bronze 18:30-19:30
Friday / Dydd Gwener Mini Green Bronze


We are currently updating our Saturday Mini Tennis Programme and will be available to view very soon!

You can book online, call 01633 656757 or pop into Newport Tennis Centre.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out more. 


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