Due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus, Newport Live venues are now closed and will not be open to the public until it is safe as we follow Government guidance. More details can be found here.

These sessions are an ideal opportunity for parents to introduce very young children to basic water skills in a safe and fun environment. Children will develop independence within the water environment through songs and games. They can also learn the basics of floating, submerging and build their confidence in the swimming pool. 

These classes are an excellent introduction to water and build confidence in readiness for the children to begin their ' Learn to Swim' lesson programme. The lessons are 30 minutes in length and aimed at children between 6 months to three years old. They are booked as a 10 week course and held at The Newport International Sports Village Teaching Pool or at the Newport centre Swimming Pool. 

Please note that if your child is not yet out of nappies, swim nappies must be worn in the swimming pool. Conventional nappies become water logged and can weigh your child down. They can also be a potential hygiene problem as they are not able to contain small accidents within the pool environment. Waterproof nappies can be washed and re-used and are available for purchase at all leisure centres - just ask at reception. 

Swimming Times for Aqua Tots: 

Location Day Time
 Newport Centre Mondays



 NISV Pool Mondays



 NISV Pool Fridays






The 10 week course costs £43.25.