The Sports Development Team, along with their partners, create and deliver informative, local, accessible, and affordable activities to engage children and young people - often in our more deprived estates or targeted communities.

Working with partners such the Police, Communities First, Housing, and Street Games - our trained role models (sports coordinators, sports coaches, and volunteers) provide sports opportunities to engage young people and encourage them to take part - often diverting them away from the potential of peer pressure and anti-social behaviour.

Sessions include activities such as football, futsal, basketball, dodgeball, table tennis, badminton, and street dance; and are in venues such as leisure facilities, parks, community centres, youth clubs, and outdoors in car parks, or multi-use games areas (MUGAs) etc.


Operation Bang 2018 Round-Up:



Newport Live & Newport City Homes Sport Diversionary & Engagement Partnership 2018 - 2019 Round-Up:

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Check out the two finalists for the Community Sport Volunteer of the Year category from our annual Volunteer in Sports Awards...