We can help you to give the children in your care the skills, motivation and confidence to become physically literate!

Newport Live’s new innovative Active Tots programme provides high quality activity sessions for both children and staff in nursery settings to learn the importance and benefits of physical activity.

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The programme focusses on engaging and guiding young children to take their first steps on the physical literacy ladder over a seven-week delivery period, whilst educating and providing staff with the tools to continue promoting the importance of the role that physical activity and well-being can play throughout a child's development.

Our active tots programme aims to enhance a child's physical and mental well-being through introducing and guiding them through the early years of the physical literacy process. By supporting children from an early age in their development we, as professionals, carers and parents, can help them gain confidence to participate in sports and physical activity as they progress through life into adulthood. 

Our Newport Live Active Tots Programme will help you to:

• Upskill your workforce
• Link in with your community
• Achieve Healthy Pre-Schools Accreditation
• Obtain new equipment
• Establish parental engagement sessions

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To book an Active Tots Programme for your nursery please call 01633 656757 and speak to the Sports Development team or email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.