Running Track

Running Track Sessions

From 25 June – 21 September 2018, Newport Live is offering open sessions on the athletics track at Newport Stadium.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to train and add variety with different paces and efforts in a safe environment, away from traffic and obstacles! The track is the perfect environment for interval workouts, which are an essential element of every runner or walker’s training, and the flat surface and measured distance means you can see exactly how far you have run.

Track running builds muscle strength and endurance, burns calories and helps to increase your overall fitness. Embracing the outdoors will also help you get your daily dose of sunshine – even here in sometimes not-so-sunny Newport!

Access to the track is included in your Newport Live Membership fee, or £4 per session for non-members. We advise booking your space in advance at reception or by calling 01633 656757, and all customers must book in first at Reception at Wales National Velodrome prior to entering the track. Please retain your ticket to gain entry to the Stadium. 


Early Birds: Monday – Friday, 07:00-08:15 (except Wednesday 11 July)
Lunchtime: Wednesdays, 12:00-13:30 – Starts from 25 July 2018
Evening: Monday – Friday, 16:15-17:30 (except Wednesday 11 July)

New to the track? We have some tips for you!

• Always sign in at the Velodrome reception on arrival
• Take your water bottle and gym towel with you
• Make sure you warm up before your main exercise – and cool down and stretch afterwards
• Always run counter-clockwise
• Overtake other runners on the right
• The inside lane is typically for faster runners. If you’re warming up or cooling down, or just running at a slower pace, please move to an outer lane

About the track…

• 100 metres is the length of one straightway
• 200 metres is half a lap
• 400 metres is one whole lap
• 800 metres is approximately half a mile (2 laps)
• 1600 metres is approximately 1 mile (4 laps)

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