If you are aged 0 - 16 years or over 60 you can swim for free at Newport Live swimming pools.

The free swimming initiative is a partnership between the Welsh Government and Newport Live and aims to promote healthier and more active lifestyles in children and young people.


From 1st October 2019, free swimming session will be as follows.

Free Swimming for 0 - 16 year olds

If you are aged 0 -16 years and have a free swim card you are able to swim for free during school summer holidays and weekends at designated times.

Complete the free swim card application form and take it to your nearest Newport Live venue to get your free swim card.

Weekend Free Swim Times (Available all year round)

Saturday: Newport Centre – 1pm-3pm

Sunday: Active Living Centre - 2pm-3pm

Sunday: Regional Pool, Newport International Sports Village – 3pm-5pm


Summer School Holiday Free Swim Times

Monday and Tuesday: Newport Centre - 12pm - 2pm

Wednesday and Friday: Regional Pool, Newport International Sports Village – 10am - 12pm

Thursday and Friday: Active Living Centre -1pm-3pm

Over 60s Free Swimming

If you are over 60 you can apply for free swim sessions all year round.

Download and complete the free swim application form and take it to your nearest Newport Live venue with proof of eligibility e.g. pension book, driving licence etc.

Free Over 60s Swim Sessions


Newport Centre

Pool and Tennis Centre (NISV)

Active Living Centre


7am – 9am



6pm – 7.30pm


6am - 8am


1pm – 4pm


10am – 1pm


1pm – 2pm


3pm – 5pm

Armed Services & VETS Free Swimming

Newport Live is launching a new Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) initiative for those who are currently in the Armed Services or who are VETS.

The entitlement is universal so that any eligible Armed Force person or Veteran is able to access a free swim at any participating local authority pool in Wales.

This allows the above, to access all public and adult only swim sessions free of charge – this does not apply to fitness or aqua classes.

Click here for further background information with regards to the scheme and also the application form that needs to be completed.

All those eligible for the scheme will need to apply and receive a Defence Privilege Card in the first instance, which will need to be presented at their local pool; you will then be issued with a Newport Live Leisure Card.

For further information on the scheme and to apply for your Defence Privilege Card please visit www.defencediscountservice.co.uk.

For further information on your local swimming pool timetable click here.