The Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales (previously named Wales National Velodrome) has always been an iconic venue in Newport, Wales, for the holding camps of Team GB in preparation for the Olympic games. We have many clubs and individuals ride here whether that’s for training or pure enjoyment of the sport but up to this point we have had no club directly linked to venue.

7 years ago, we started a children’s ‘cycle tots’ session, we had 4/5 riders who were at different levels in their cycling journey, we worked with them and got them to a stage where we had children as young as 2 years old whizzing around on a balance bike. Our children’s cycling program has grown year on year, we have over 50 children attending our progressive, coached cycle sessions aged between 2 - 7 years each week.

Cycling on the Velodrome track is a huge goal for these children, Newport Youth Cycling Club, is an exciting opportunity for us to help children ages 6+ years continue their cycling journey from riding to racing.

Prior to the Club existence, Newport Velo used the Velodrome as a Hub since 2005 and have had great achievement with its riders who have now moved on in the sport. The club was established for families and in doing so created an opportunity for us to see the avenues available to young cyclists to train, race and socialise within the cycling community.

Now we are in 2019 and feel with the rebranding of the newly named ‘Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales’ in 2018 there’s no better time to link the two and create a cycling club that is part of the Velodrome and is run by the cycling team from Newport Live and coaches from Newport Velo.

Club sessions are now available, offering riders aged 6 – 16 years the opportunity to cycle in a traffic free environment, learn new skills, build confidence and have fun.

We hope you will join us in our journey to become a family-friendly cycling club!

Newport Youth Cycling Club is an official club run by volunteer coaches and helped by Newport Live.