Update December 2020

Due to the impact Coronavirus has had on the theatre and culture sector, it is currently unlikely that we will be able to embark on any new live theatre co-productions until Spring 2022 at the earliest. This is also due to the planning cycle needed for these collaborations to take place. We’d still love to hear from you though so if you’d like a conversation about a future project please get in touch at programming@newportlive.co.uk


Our team is always looking for companies to collaborate and co-produce with. Generally speaking, we embark on one co-production at studio scale per season and plan these a minimum of 12 months in advance (The Riverfront’s programming is separated into two seasons, Spring – Summer season and Autumn – Winter season).

Our co-production relationships are more likely to come from a relationship built with an artist or company over time, but if you have something you think we’d be interested in, please get in touch at programming@newportlive.co.uk