Alternative Education Programme

The Newport Live Alternative Education programme uses sport, physical activity and health-based interventions as the foundation for providing educational and wellbeing direction to children and young people at risk of exclusion or unable to adapt to mainstream school.  The programme provides young people with support, guidance and pastoral care; especially for those pupils displaying social, emotional and behavioural difficulties or who are disengaged or in need of additional support.

The Alternative Education programme consists of the Inspiring Hub and the Education & Wellbeing Hub and is currently supporting over 30 pupils all of whom are actively engaged and making improvements in their pupil centred journey.  The programme is based at Connect Centre, utilising 3 fully refurbished hubs in addition to the sports hall, café, outside facilities, and additional spaces and facilities at the Newport International Sports Village and our other sites.
Outcomes include:

  • Improve literacy and numeracy skills and general academic outcomes
  • Develop interaction, personal and social skills 
  • Improve wellbeing and develop their understanding of this 
  • Develop knowledge of their safety and risks 
  • Use or weigh information 
  • Communicate their views, wishes and feelings
  • Improve educational attainment levels
  • Enhance career prospects through vocational qualifications
  • Reduce the chances of becoming NEET
  • Providing volunteering opportunities

* The formal academic delivery of national curriculum education such as English, Maths and Science is provided by the Bridge Achievement School (Newport’s pupil referral unit). This ensures that the formal lessons and standard of teaching is subject to official Estyn inspection protocol. 
The team consists of over 20 staff with an extremely wide range of skills and experience. This includes but not limited to an operations director, former police officer, teaching assistants, and individuals who have been in alternative education as pupils. The two key traits that ensure this team provide an effective service that is widely recognised in Newport is they are sport and physical activity minded, in addition to focussed on supporting vulnerable young people. 

The Alternative Education programme supports 1 to 1 and group placements on a flexible and adaptable timetable, whereby each young person receives personalised learning support and access to a range of opportunities to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

All young people receive an assigned mentor that will support and guide them through their time on the programme. In addition, the young people have access to a wide network of local agencies that support everything from substance misuse to mental health; this provision is enhanced by the access to regular sport and physical activity which is often ‘the hook for young people’ and helps to keep them focussed on learning, improving and developing.

Make a referral to the programme

Referrals can be accepted from any agency within Newport but do need a source of funding attached to the individual young person.

For more information please contact [email protected] or [email protected].