Due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus, Newport Live venues are now closed and will not be open to the public until it is safe as we follow Government guidance. More details can be found here.

The Riverfront is a Community Facility that seeks to be a gateway into the arts and uses the arts as a gateway to addressing issues, for a wide range of the communities of Newport. The Riverfront offers the local community various ways to support, inform and get involved, creating a sense of ownership, a sense of pride and offer creative educational opportunities.

Community Donation Fund

The majority of these community opportunities offered at The Riverfront are subsidised by Newport Live, Newport City Council, Arts Council of Wales, Trusts, Foundations and/or Corporate Sponsorship. This funding is in order to keep the activities free or at a low price and offered to as many people as possible with the least amount of barriers for people to attend.

Even with this generous support, we are often unable to meet rising costs and have to cancel regular worthwhile classes or projects due to lack of funds. You are able to help these activities to take place by donating to the Community Donation Fund.

This is how your donation can turn into actual benefits for the community; 

  • £2.75 funds a child to attend a dance class by Rubicon Dance.
  • £30 funds a child's scholarship to attend a regular weekly class for a term.
  • £150 funds a community group to attend a music academy workshop run by professional music industry staff.
  • £500 funds an educational workshop from a visiting company to visit a school and then offer subsidised tickets to come and see the show at The Riverfront.

You can donate to the Community Donation Fund by rounding up your ticket price to the closest pound as literally every penny counts. You can also donate by adding set amounts into your shopping basket online or handing in extra money at the Box Office at your next visit.

Digital Cinema Fund

The Riverfront Cinema was recently lucky enough to win a funding bid to install a new digital projector as most film distributors have now stopped making 35mm films for our current projector. There was a shortfall in the funding bid for the full price of the projector so if you if you would like to donate any money towards this projector it would be very gratefully received.

You can donate by choosing the donation of your choice and add to your shopping basket for any online booking.