There’s lots happening for teenagers in Newport Tennis Centre, catering for a variety of standards and interest levels.  We encourage all teenagers to come down to the club regularly to participate in the various events or just to have a hit.  As well as improving your tennis, it is an opportunity to meet other members of the club. 

The coaching programme for teenagers from ages 11-16, starts with the basics and then moves up the levels to give you the skills to become more technical and tactical and also have the opportunity to participate in tournaments. 

Teen Tennis Timetable

Day / Dydd  Time / Amser  Level
Mon  19.00-20.00 Level 3
19.00-20.00 Level 1
Tuesday / Dydd Mawrth   


Level 2
19.00-20.00 Teen Development 
Wed   18.30-19.30

Girls Level 2

19.00-20.00 Level 3
19.30-20.30 Level 2

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You can book online, call 01633 656757 or pop into Newport Tennis Centre.

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