AUSTENTATIOUS is an entirely improvised comedy play in the style of Jane Austen. Join the all-star cast as they create a riotously funny new literary masterpiece, based on nothing more than a title suggested by the audience.

Performed in full Regency costume, with live musical accompaniment, Austentatious’s past works include ‘Bath to the Future’, ‘Strictly Come Darcy’ and ‘Mansfield Shark’. No two shows are ever the same!

Visting The Riverfront on October 5th, with tickets at £16 (reductions) and £17, a must see this Season.

 Miss Amy Cooke-Hodgson is a woman of most extravagant folly. She has appeared in such notable theatricals as Olivier Award-winning ‘La Bohème’ and Howard Goodall’s ‘Girlfriends’, and has oft been spied ‘pretending to be someone else’ upon the televisual box. She has been extemporising for over a decade with the likes of ‘Showstopper!’, ‘Abandoman’ and ‘Unavailable for Comment’, and she does silly voices for Cartoon Network. You may frequently find her beating butter cream whilst writing tempting recipes for ‘Standard Issue‘ magazine.

Mr. Andrew Hunter Murray is one of the so-called ‘comedians’ who can be found infesting the nation’s theatres and ballrooms. He spends his days writing for the television programme Quite Interesting, also known as ‘QI’, and penning outrageous jests at ‘Private Eye’ magazine. Further, he can be heard exploring natural philosophy and other wonders each week in the ‘No Such Things As A Fish’ podcast and in the Eye’s ‘Page 94’ podcast. Admit him to your town at your peril.

Miss Charlotte Gittins is uncommonly fond of theatricals, be they afore-written or extemporaneous; indeed, if there are boards within her vicinity, she is wont to tread upon them. Her honeyed tones and consumptive pallor have graced both stage and screen, and, when not shewing off, she is often to be found documenting matters artistic, literary or historical for one of the nation’s most beloved acronyms. A creature of sesquipedalian tendencies, she attacks bons-mots, errant apostrophes and exquisite biscuits with all the untamed ardour of a jubilant puppy. Home Counties repression precludes her from confessing her undying love for Earl Grey.

Amiable wit Mr. Daniel Nils Roberts hawks faradiddles the world over with errant rogues Racing Minds, and has presented impromptu diversions with a dazzling array of collaborators. He has achieved some acclaim of late for his award-nominated solitary character comedy excursions, and he enjoys sedate barouche rides in the breezy Oxfordshire countryside as he awaits the fruits of his primogeniture.

Mr. Joseph Morpurgo, despite his prodigious allowance, is a renowned dabbler in comical and literary pursuits. This itinerant jester has been nominated for Best Show at ‘Mr. Foster’s Edinburgh Comedic Awards’, appeared in BBC Two’s ‘Harry & Paul’ and Comedy Central’s ‘Drunk History’, and performed improvisational feats with the likes of the ‘Comedy Store Players’ and ‘Baby Wants Candy’. He hopes to purchase a daguerrotype with the proceeds of tonight’s theatricals.

Miss Rachel Parris has been deftly improvising bons mots for years, alongside players such as ‘Grand Theft Impro’, ‘The Beau Zeaux’ and ‘The Comedy Store Players’. An accomplished pianist, she performs her musical comedy all over the kingdom, on the airwaves of BBC Radio, and she can be found at comedy soirées most evenings in the year. She has graced the screen in ‘The IT Crowd’ and the recent thriller, ‘Murder in Successvile’, and enjoys word games and plaiting her flaxen hair.

Tickets are available